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Price for one day.
Rental fees to be paid in advance and an advance for potential damages.
Freight price 14,- crowns per l km
sekt 0,15 l 5,- Kč ks
wine 015 l 5,- Kč ks
neutrál-Juice 0,2 l 5,- Kč ks
neutral-beer 5,- Kč ks
for tea 0,2 l 5,- Kč ks
dessert plates 19cm 4,- Kč ks
couvert plates 17 cm 4,- Kč ks
coffee cup and saucer 6,- Kč ks
meat plates 25 cm 6,- Kč ks
soup plates 6,- Kč ks
soup spoons 4,- Kč ks
meat knife 4,- Kč ks
big fork 4,- Kč ks
dessert knife 4,- Kč ks
dessert fork 4,- Kč ks
pastry fork 4,- Kč ks
coffee spoon 3,- Kč ks
mocca coffee spoon 3,- Kč ks
table cloth 2,2 m 45,- Kč ks
cloth 3 m 60,- Kč ks
banquet cloth 6 85,- Kč ks
big round cloth 60,- Kč ks
linen cloth 15,- Kč ks
table oblong 110,- Kč ks
big round table 250,- Kč ks
chair 55,- Kč ks
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If required, it is possible to rent additonal inventory.
Inventory is rented clean and washed and it to be returned in same.
Cooks, waiters and help for dishes can be arranged.
Prices are without VAT.

Thank you for your order and we look forward to our cooperationi.